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Graded Readers


Graded readers are books especially written for language learners. They employ a limited set of grammar and vocabulary which allows learners to enjoy reading without struggling. Studies show learners who use graded readers improve not only their reading skills but many other language abilities.

Japanese Graded Readers for iPad is a new series produced by White Rabbit Press. Each story includes illustrations to aid comprehension and audio of the full-text narrated by a professional Japanese voice actor.


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Graded Reader Highlights

  • Enjoy reading Japanese without a dictionary
  • Contextual illustrations aid comprehension
  • Narrated by professional Japanese voice talent
  • Kana readings provided for all kanji characters
  • Simplified grammar, vocabulary, and plot for various levels of difficulty
JLPT Levels

Why Graded Readers?

Reading in a foreign language can be a frustrating. By deftly mixing unfamiliar and familiar grammar and vocabulary, Graded Readers serve as a natural bridge, helping readers build up to native-level materials. Deliberate repetition of carefully chosen new vocabulary enables readers to infer meaning from context. Because they can be read and enjoyed without struggle, Graded Readers build skills and confidence.

Contextual Illustrations

New vocabulary and difficult concepts are illustrated with carefully created artwork. Dotted throughout the story, these illustrated scenes help readers understand what they are reading without needing to constantly reach for a dictionary.

Audio Narration

Each story is brought to life with professionally recorded audio. Dramatic native-Japanese voice talent make the story memorable while demonstrating proper pronunciation.

Benefits for Learners

Studies have shown the benefits of graded readers are many. They improve reading speed, reading fluency, help develop and enrich already known vocabulary, and improve the ability to move from working with words to working with ideas when reading. Give them a try yourself to see how reading can be a pleasurable activity rather than a frustrating chore!

What customers are saying...

  • I found I could understand all of the stories perfectly despite not knowing all of the words. An excellent chance to test my own knowledge of the language.

    --- Alannah

  • These stories are great to enlarge your vocabulary e.g. for JLPT N4 preparation. Thanks to furigana, they are easy to read and the length of each story is well adapted.

    --- Anna

  • These stories are easy to read, interesting and will help boost your comprehension of written Japanese. Some are fairy tales, others give you snippets of Japanese culture.

    --- James

  • The books aren't too long or too complicated, but long enough to make you feel like you accomplished something when you finish. The stories are fun and interesting, so you forget you're actually practicing and learning while you read these. I can't re end them highly enough, and I'll be getting some of the others soon.

    --- Jason F.

  • The texts themselves are not too easy, nor too hard for a learner of my level. They give you a challenge worthy for a beginner without patronizing the reader which is a feeling you often get with these types of reading materials for learners.

    --- Nick W.

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